about us

first city fellowship

When we developed our vision, we were very intentional about the word “impact” for our church in the city of Leavenworth.  It was very important to us to make a difference as we address physical and spiritual needs here in the city.  To help us assess how well we’re doing in making an impact, we developed a simple acronym that helps us define what it means to “make an impact”.


Bringing hope


Jesus Christ


First City Fellowship impacts the city of Leavenworth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, actively encouraging people to grow in their personal relationship with Him. Through the growth, we see God transform lives as people use their gifting to glorify Him, serve others, and multiply themselves.


Invested in people

Ministering to physical and spiritual needs

Personally relational

Actively engaged

Community focused

Treat everyone as an image bearer of God

first city fellowship

our values

  • biblically based

    The Bible serves as the foundation for all that we do; as a church and as individuals. As God's revelation of Himself, the Bible guides our preaching, decisions, actions, and thoughts.

  • gospel preaching

    As a church and as individuals, we regularly share and explain the Gospel of salvation through faith in what Jesus Christ accomplished through His death and resurrection, inviting people to accept the free gift of salvation offered through Jesus Christ.

  • kingdom focused

    We partner with like-minded churches and organizations to help grow God's Kingdom numerically, spiritually, and geographically.

  • salvation focused

    We prioritize helping people come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • intentionally


    We commit to life-long growth to becoming more Christ-like. We are intentional about being discipled and discipling others. Our goal is to continually develop self-initiating disciple-makers who reproduce themselves.

  • invested in the community

    We value being a part of the Leavenworth community, investing our time, talents, and resources to address both physical and spiritual needs in our community.