John Wyman

John Wyman is the pastor of First City Fellowship.  John became a Christian later in life and, after serving in a local church for several years, he felt called to plant a church in Leavenworth. To prepare to serve as the lead pastor of First City Fellowship, John served for several years as an associate pastor in another local church while also completing a Masters of Theological Studies degree from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO.  

John and his wife, D (not a typo - she goes by “D”) sold their home in Lansing and moved to Leavenworth to live in the community they were called to serve.  In addition to pastoring First City Fellowship,  John works as a project manager for a local small business in Leavenworth and enjoys sports, working on small home improvement projects, and relaxing with D.  

Having grown up just south of Boston, he is an unashamed Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, Celtics, and Boston College sport nut. While sports are an enjoyable hobby, John is truly passionate about seeing people come to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, helping make disciples, and building honest, sincere, long-lasting personal relationships.

Here to Serve Our Community

Our pastors

We believe in the value, strength, and wisdom of having multiple elders holding each other accountable, giving each other advice and counsel , supporting each other, and encouraging other. Pastor John is blessed to have several close friends who pastor other churches in the Kansas City area and throughout the Midwest.  He prays with and for them weekly, seeks their advice and counsel, and supports them as fellow Christians and pastors. First City Fellowship has formalized a relationship with Pastor Kasey Robinson of Westside Family Church – Leavenworth and Pastor Belafae Johnson of Purposed Church in Mascoutah, IL to serve as co-elders with Pastor John.  While Pastors John, Belafae, and Kasey each lead their respective churches on a day-to-day basis, Pastors Belafae and Kasey provide accountability, recommendations, support, and encouragement to Pastor John and First City Fellowship.  Pastor John regularly bounces ideas off Pastors Belafae and Kasey, seeks their input, and benefits from their experience.  We are blessed to serve together.