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Prayer focus

We regularly ask you to pray for unity and civility in our country and in our city, but in view of the attempted assassination last weekend, we want to be a little more focused with that this week.  

Please pray for God to reveal to you where you use angry, divisive, or hurtful words towards or about other people and then ask Him to take that kind of talk and that kind of thinking completely out of you.


While it is perfectly fine to disagree - 

even passionately - with a policy position or even the way someone presents a policy position, 

it is never ok to disparage, ridicule, or attack a person

in order to help your policy position prevail. 

Please ask God to make you the one who stops the personal attacks and starts God-honoring discussions that lead to positive change.

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We'd love the opportunity to join you in praying.

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Praying Hands

Notes from

first city fellowship

Welcome to our weekly Notes from First City Fellowship!  We pray this section is helpful

in keeping you informed on what’s happening here in First City.

Do you ever wonder what it means when someone talks about being a Christian?  We hear the term regularly, and there are certainly a lot of perceptions and thoughts about what a Christian is……but what does it mean to say “I’m a Christan”?

The answer is actually pretty simple.  A Christian is someone who follows Jesus Christ.  That’s it.  It’s someone who has placed their faith in what Jesus did on the cross to save them from all those times we disobeyed God and then follows what Jesus taught us.  It doesn’t mean a Christian is perfect or is better than others – they’re not.  It just means they follow Jesus and work to grow a closer relationship with Him.

This may seem like a strange explanation of a Christian or a strange relationship to have with Jesus, but it’s the truth and it is truly life changing and life giving. If you would like to know more about what it means to be a Christian and how you can become one, we’d love to sit down and talk to you!   Just send us an email or message us here on the website and we’ll set up a time to talk.  We really look forward to hearing from you!

We had another great morning with our Prayer Table at the City Market last Saturday!  It is so encouraging and exciting to be able to engage people in conversation, learn something about them, and pray for or with them each month!  We hope to get a chance to see even more folks at future city markets!

Is there something you’d like prayer for, but you aren’t sure how to ask?  Don’t worry about how to ask, just ask……go ahead and click here.  We’d love to hear from you and pray for you.

quote of the week

“In salvation, we do our part and God does His part.  

We do the sinning and God does the saving.”

          ― H. B. Charles, Jr.